Monday, September 8, 2008

Sporty Human Gloves

by Lisa Foo

This installation was created for the launch of Nike Sportswear (NSW) in conjunction with the 2008 Beijing Olympic. The eight icons of NSW were the inspiration for each art installation by eight Malaysian artists & designers incorporating elements of local context. Nike Sportswear Pop-Up Exhibition was held from 7-17 August 2008 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Icon: NSW T-shirt

I transformed the use of common rubber latex glove - Malaysian made product - by inflating it to mimic human forms in movement and wearing the logo of NSW T-shirt. The changing and multi-colour illumination was created to depict the multi-racial and colourful display of our Malaysian culture.

ROLLER COASTER - Copper series

Living in Surburbia by Lisa Foo

Miniature door house furniture placed on colourful Japanese origami paper to re-create the living spaces of a suburbia house, to be arranged and re-arranged on coaster with rollers as one fancy their home to be.